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Back in business, the ocean adventure you've been waiting for is back!

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After 53 long days, I can finally meet you at last! 

With the improvement of the epidemic situation and the orderly resumption of work and production in all parts of the country, the Chongqing Andover Ocean Park will also begin on March 18,2020, official resumption of business recently come to play the small partners must be aware of the following notes ~ 

[ Park Information in hand, Play methodically ] 

business hours: 9:30-17:00(if adjusted will be informed separately) 

to resume business area: except 5DVR cinema, the Ocean pavilion, the Rainforest Pavilion, the Ocean Theater and the Tire Paradise all resumed normal opening. 

Human flow limitation: The daily receiving capacity does not exceed 2250 people, and implements the time division, the spacing enters the scenic spot; the group tourist each batch does not exceed 30 people.

Know what you need to know to stay safe ] 

1, the park for real-name system ticket purchase, online shopping to fill in the identity card information, window ticket purchase to show my identity card. 

2, enter the park please consciously show "Yu Kang Code" , and with the temperature and information registration. (Yukang Code through Wechat Small Program "Chongqing Health travel one code Tong" generation)

3, tourists need to correctly wear masks into the park, not to wear a mask into the park. 

4,For the sake of your health and the health of others, please keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 meters with others during the tour. 

5,Please pay attention to the public health when you play, prohibit spitting and littering, consciously maintain the park environment. 

6, after the park in case of physical discomfort and other abnormal circumstances, please contact us: 023-62333888.

7. If any tourists do not cooperate with the prevention and control work and have excessive behavior, will be handed over to the relevant departments in accordance with the law. 

8. The park is fully sanitized, so feel free to visit.

In honor of the war hero, tickets are free for the year ] 

In honor of the hard work of the health care workers during the epidemic period, all doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical technicians in the whole country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) can visit the park free of charge from December 31,2020, with their valid work permit + medical and nursing practice certificate + Identity Card, and 2020 CETACEAN bay water world business hours enjoy the same wish the heroes a safe and early return!

In honor of the war hero, tickets are free for the year ] 

Free ticket for:

All doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical technicians in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) 

Admission time:

The park will resume operation in 2020 until December 31,2020

Admission mode:

I can enter the park with my valid work card + practice card + ID card, and the number of activities is not limited

* It will also be available during the 2020 operating period, as the Dolphin Bay Water Park is not yet open

Annual monthly card users, time limit extension ] 

The park was closed for 53 days from January 25 to March 17,2020 due to a new type of coronary pneumonia. This period will not be counted in the validity period of the annual (monthly) card. The remaining validity period up to the closing date will resume from March 18.