Dolphin Bay Water Park

         Chongqing Andover Dolphin Bay Water Park an area of 87 mu and is built by Andover Leisure Group, a Singapore company at a cost of RMB 450 million which is a complete supporting facility in southwest China and rich in amusement projects. The facilities and equipment are all imported, and it is  one of the large  integrated water amusement  theme parks. It leans back against Nanshan, relies on the natural topography  to build,  there is no doubt that it will become an excellent choice for Chongqing citizens to enjoy the summer vacation.  It has more than 26 water amusement  facilities imported from Canada, including Hurricane Eye (Giant Bowl), roaring wave (big wave pendulum), tornado storm (loudspeaker) and Super Water Village-Eve's Castle and creatively opened the "snorkel pool", "fantasy rafting river" and other interactive programs,  create new landmarks in water parks  in southwest China.

         In addition to the amusement facilities, Chongqing Andover Dolphin Bay Water Park also has a 300 square meters luxury carnival water stage, brings together a variety of advanced stage electronic equipment, such as huge LED, large screen and so on, and looks at it from many angles of view. Perfect matching of the stage hardware and software, and the joining of the professional performing team and well-known DJ, allows the Water Park to  launch electric sound party,  and together with the great  passionate lady dancers and the charismatic cool MC, fire up the Summer passion. 

         At the same time, it is equipped with a large central kitchen, a theme restaurant (pirate restaurant) and a number of flavor snacks to provide visitors with a variety of delicious dishes and special local flavor snacks and it will also give visitors romantic, exciting, thrilling, and pleasant new experience.