Chongqing Andover Ocean Park

Rainforest Pavilion

Brief Introduction

       Chongqing Andover Ocean Park Rainforest Pavilion covers an area of 9,000 square meters with Tropical Rainforest, Rainforest Secrets, Rainforest Promenade, Galaxy Jellyfish World, Pandora Square, and 360 °Panoramic Coral Reef as its 6 characteristic theme exhibition areas. The Rainforest Pavilion takes Pandora planet as the story background, unifies the mountain stone, the water body, the animal, simulates the natural environment through the artificial landscape, relies on the scientific popularization, the species protection, the biological breeding as the support and creates the unique  feeling for the tourist.

       Here, you will cross the primitive tropical rainforest intertwined with green vines, explore the secret environment of the rainforest where living organisms and the environment coexist, and learn about the rare aquatic protected animals in the two rivers, pass through the Galaxy jellyfish World, which combines light and shadow perfectly, then enter into Pandora Square, where strange life is born, and observe the reproduction of mysterious jellyfish at close range.  The dreamlike 360 °panoramic coral reefs can make you walk like you in a gorgeous undersea garden.

Oceanic Pavilion

Brief Introduction

       The Oceanic Pavilion of Chongqing And0ver Ocean Park has an area of 14,000 square meters with 8 theme features exhibition areas such as Poseidon Temple, Penguin Exhibit, Dolphin Pool, Underwater  Tunnel, Shark World, Fun Sea, Aegean Theater and Ocean Children's Paradise. Oceanic Pavilion combines strange marine life, dreamy undersea journey, wonderful interactive perfomances, warm parent-child experience, beautiful  ocean, in which the colorful blue deep sea has perfectly presented in front of your eyes.

       When you step into the mysterious and majestic Poseidon temple,  you will enjoy the cute Humboldt penguin family, the ocean elves dolphin brothers, and all kinds of strange marine life. Strolling 220 °wide view of the underwater tunnel, standing in the colorful coral reefs, rare marine fish swims around,  and sometimes swims across  a huge ray above your head, as if you were in the vast and magical ocean. The deep water  allows you to watch the natural behaviors  of marine animals from different angles. Next to the Underwater Tunnel is the Shark World. The sandbar shark,  sand tiger shark, nurse shark and other sharks swim   above your  head, so that you can see the demeanor of the Lord of the Ocean. 

       The underwater "IMAX Cinema" of the Aegean Theater will offer you wonderful underwater performance. The beautiful Russian mermaid and underwater ballet, shocking deep-sea fish circling show, and exciting diving experience will make you to stay back.  The children's ocean park, which allows children to interact closely with the sea, can also learn the knowledge of the ocean and feel the mystery of the ocean world while having fun.