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     Chongqing Andover Ocean Park  is affiliated to Andover Leisure Pte. Ltd., Singapore, which is located in Longzhou Wan, Banan District, Chongqing, , close to Xuetangwan Station of Metro Line 3. The total investment of the project is 800 million yuan, covering an area of 310 mu, divided into two major theme parks, Andover  Ocean Park and Andover Dolphin Bay Water World, which is a high-quality large-scale integrated marine theme park, where visitors can dine, play and see.  The Chonging Andover  Ocean Park, based on the natural  coast lines and oceans within the boundry of the China, and the overseas marinal culture,  brings the mysterious  experience of the deep sea,  and  the concept  "man and nature, coexist harmoniously" by means of the lively display of the marine animals,  so as to build a marine park  with the harmonious coexistence of marine naimals  and natural beauty.

     Andover  Ocean Park has opened the Rain Forest Pavilion and the Ocean Pavilion. The venue covers an area of 23,000 square meters and displays hundreds of species of marine organisms, with a total number  more than 50, 000. The venue includes "360 °panoramic coral reef", "Galaxy jellyfish world", "Pandora square", "Poseidon temple", "penguin exhibit", "dolphin pool" and other exhibition areas with distinctive themes, with  two major venues that is still under plan, that are  polar world and dolphinarium. After the completion of the project, Chongqing Andover  Ocean Park will focus on animal display, parent-child experience, marine science popularization, interactive performing arts as the themes, covering tourism, leisure, parent-child vacation and other forms of entertainment. 

     Andover Dolphin Bay Water World  has introduced more than 26 water amusement facilities from abroad, and has innovated and launched "coral reef snorkel", "fantasy lazy  river" and so on.  A variety of themed activities and passionate performances give visitors a brand-new  experience that is romantic, exciting, thrilling, and refreshing.